MMJ Group brings together a passionate and skilled group of specialists from diverse backgrounds to offer Insurance brokers
and Insurers unique sales training and business development opportunities.


Whether you are looking to motivate and engage your sales team, train your underwriting staff or develop a social media strategy, our team can help design a plan customized to your specific needs.

services include:

Educational seminars of interest to marketers or staff new
  to the industry  

Strategic messaging and communications, including social 
  media development (training, planning and content development)

Technical training in commercial lines of business, such as Fleet, 
  Garage and Property/Casualty

Customer service training

Graphic design and collateral development

Niche development and target marketing

Educational Presentations


Gotta Love Millennials

Gotta Love Millennials is a fun and informative presentation providing an
in-depth look at what Millennials value, and what insurance advisors need to do to in order to engage and build relationships with the most connected, most educated and soon to be largest generation in the history of the planet. The most important customers you’ll ever need to know.


This half day (three hour management) RIBO accredited seminar

is available to larger audiences or to a small group.


Hang tight, we'll tell you about them soon!




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